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What is the daily schedule at Music at Tateuchi? What time does Music at Tateuchi begin and end?

The festival hours are from 10 am – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, the exception being when there is a student and faculty concert in the evening. During regular schedule days, students will be performing in master classes, collaborating in chamber groups, receiving private lessons and practicing on their own inside individual practice rooms.

Both parents are working full-time, so the festival hours conflict with our schedule. Can my son/daughter remain at the school until he/she can be picked up?

Yes, students are welcome to stay at the school (Community School of Music & Arts) until parents are able to pick up their children after work. The schools stays open until late in the evening (9 p.m.) with practice rooms, lounges and security guards stationed at the entrance. Members of our staff will be responsible for staying after hours and ensuring that every student has been picked up by their parent. Students can be dropped off early before classes officially begin- a member of our staff will be there in the morning to welcome those arriving early. Also, closer to July, the staff will create a carpool system where families commuting from the same neighborhood are offered the option of carpooling together to MAT.

What classes does Music at Tateuchi offer? Will a private teacher be assigned to students?

The goal of Music at Tateuchi is to help prepare young musicians for a professional career. We believe that setting up an environment where students perform often is a great way to develop a student’s potential as well as confidence. Therefore, MAT offers the following classes:

Private instruction

Masterclass performances for every student

Chamber music coaching

Lectures (ie. How to Overcome Performance Anxiety)

Student Concerts

And to answer your question, yes, there will be a private teacher assigned in addition to the group lessons in Tateuchi Hall. 

Will performances be videotaped? Or should parents bring their own recording equipment?

Yes, all student concerts will be video-recorded. Parents/students are allowed to record classes if they wish.

Will scholarships be offered at Music at Tateuchi? 

Yes, we offer merit scholarships based on the submitted video(s) and also based on financial need.

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